Shop and on-site repairs, engineering, installation, and preventative maintenance services offered...

As the demands on in-house manpower increase, “do more with less” mentality, we are finding pumps and motors failing at alarming rates. The root cause for the increase has been simply the lack of or contaminated lubricants. Thousands of dollars are spent repairing equipment which, if properly lubricated and maintained, would provide years of service. Metro Pumps will provide the following services:

  • Meet with you and/or your staff to determine your needs and goals. Complete an equipment survey using existing machinery records and a plant walk through
  • Identify critical and non-critical equipment for the facility
  • Conduct a needs assessment for all equipment involved
  • Determine immediate repairs required prior to the start of the preventative maintenance program
  • Design a program that meets the OEM’s recommendations for maintenance

Metro Pumps and Systems, Inc. maintains a specific expertise in power generation, chemical plants, refineries, tank farms, waste water plants, municipal water, general industry and commercial buildings. Metro Pumps and Systems, Inc. works with Engineers, Purchasing Agents, Maintenance Supervisors, Planners, Project Engineers, Engineering Firms and End Users daily to solve industrial challenges with best-in-class solutions.